Weakness and Persistence

So I’ve talked about setting my mind to losing weight then gaining it instead.  Now let’s talk about the first challenge of weight loss:

Feeling weak.

I get on the treadmill and after 5 minutes I’m day dreaming about the moment I can put my butt back down on the couch.

I turn on my fave fitness app and feel my body struggle to complete all the moves.

But my mind is on my side. I know that the only way to get stronger is to do the things I struggle with until I don’t struggle anymore.

I’ve learned this after years of struggling. You can’t wish it away.

What does persistence mean?

Doing things that are uncomfortable 

Like staying on the treadmill and continuing the workout when I’m embarrassed of how much I struggle.

Eating new foods.

Trying new activities.

Doing things again, and again, and again...

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat well and be active for a day, or like… a week… and poof, that hard work would be rewarded with the bodies we were trying to build.

I wish. But it doesn’t happen like that. You’ll have to keep working even when you feel like there’s no results.

As they say, Trust the process.

Insisting on Support, Ignoring Temptation 

I love when my husband makes delicious homemade bacon cheeseburgers, or my partners take me to a favourite restaurant on date night… but these things don’t support my goals and I’m still really bad when there’s temptation in front of me.

I wanted my fitness journey to be something I could do all on my own without asking anything from anyone else. But that’s just not feasible when I’m in three relationships. I have to let the people I’m with be a part of this, invite them to make healthy choices and enjoy healthy meals with me.

Or sometimes it means asking them to get out of my hair for an hour so I can work out.

Here it is, only the beginning of posting honestly about the journey  I’m on.

What are your biggest setbacks for your goals?



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