(Officially) Pressing Pause

For those of you have have followed faithfully and been with me throughout this journey, a heartfelt thank you. 💕

As you have likely noticed, I kind of unofficially paused work on this blog a little while ago. I’ve been reflecting recently on my future plans and looking at how this blog may fit. Right now, I have a lot going on! There’s been some significant (and exciting!) changes and growth in my career, and I have big plans about how I’ll continue to develop that.

I’ve also seen some great and growing success in my Social Media Business – found at www.seashellforbusiness.com – but of course a growing business hand in hand with a blog attached to it takes time, too!

Life is good – like really good. It’s full, busy and expanding. Right now, it makes the most sense to focus on my business, my career and my plans. I’m an advocate of “never say never”, so you never know. I may post occasionally, I may settle in with a cup of tea and share an update from time to time. However I am pausing this project for the moment, meaning that I won’t have regular posts, and won’t be sharing regular updates through the Tea With Carmen social channels.

Please feel free to connect with me on any of the channels below if you wish to keep in touch – and feel free to shoot me a message if you’re craving more details about what I’ve got going on. ^_^ I may be pausing the blog but I’m still so grateful for the friendships I’ve formed while building it, so don’t be a stranger! 💕


Find me on Instagram at @Carmen.Meyette – where I plan to be more active in light of pausing Tea With Carmen as an outlet for updates etc.


Find more about my business (all support is appreciated!)

Instagram @SeashellForBusiness

Facebook Seashell For Business

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