My first month as a Body love Babe on Anna Victoria’s Body Love App

I’ve tried lots of diet and work out programs through the ages. They all have something going for them, and all have one thing in common: participation is truly the key to success.

If you’re not following the food plan and doing the work outs you can’t really judge if the program was a success because you didn’t participate.

So this is the first time I can really start talking about the success of a program. I can speak to about the first four weeks of Anna Victoria’s FBG (Fit Body Guide) as I followed them and saw wonderful initial results. However I got busy with life and did not fully participate in the program after that.

Now I’m on Anna Victoria’s most recent release – the Body love app – and I am in love!

The format of an app versus a downloaded document is so simple but for me, it’s a total game changer. It kind of sucks to admit that I need a) that constant accessibility and idiot-proof format that the app allows, and b) the pressure of an ongoing subscription payment to remind me of my ongoing commitment.

On the note of an ongoing subscription payment – part of how I financially justify this is that I don’t pay for a gym so that helps. The program doesn’t require a gym, just some free weights and the odd time you’ll have to repurpose a dining room chair or the edge of our couch for dips, etc.

So I’m in my fourth week with this app and as I said, I am in love. I haven’t been following the meal plan very strictly but I have been making improvements by adding more vegetables, cutting back on soda and starches, and downsizing my portions. I have also been dedicated to the work outs because I love how easy they are to follow and the sense of accomplishment from seeing those little checks beside each workout on the calendar.

I’ll post when I do my four week progress pictures at the end of this week, as well as sharing my daily adventures through the instagram account @fitish.kitten.

What are your favourite fitness programs?


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Weakness and Persistence

So I’ve talked about setting my mind to losing weight then gaining it instead.  Now let’s talk about the first challenge of weight loss:

Feeling weak.

I get on the treadmill and after 5 minutes I’m day dreaming about the moment I can put my butt back down on the couch.

I turn on my fave fitness app and feel my body struggle to complete all the moves.

But my mind is on my side. I know that the only way to get stronger is to do the things I struggle with until I don’t struggle anymore.

I’ve learned this after years of struggling. You can’t wish it away.

What does persistence mean?

Doing things that are uncomfortable 

Like staying on the treadmill and continuing the workout when I’m embarrassed of how much I struggle.

Eating new foods.

Trying new activities.

Doing things again, and again, and again...

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat well and be active for a day, or like… a week… and poof, that hard work would be rewarded with the bodies we were trying to build.

I wish. But it doesn’t happen like that. You’ll have to keep working even when you feel like there’s no results.

As they say, Trust the process.

Insisting on Support, Ignoring Temptation 

I love when my husband makes delicious homemade bacon cheeseburgers, or my partners take me to a favourite restaurant on date night… but these things don’t support my goals and I’m still really bad when there’s temptation in front of me.

I wanted my fitness journey to be something I could do all on my own without asking anything from anyone else. But that’s just not feasible when I’m in three relationships. I have to let the people I’m with be a part of this, invite them to make healthy choices and enjoy healthy meals with me.

Or sometimes it means asking them to get out of my hair for an hour so I can work out.

Here it is, only the beginning of posting honestly about the journey  I’m on.

What are your biggest setbacks for your goals?



A Story of 60 Pounds

The first time I remember stepping on the scale and wanting to make the number smaller I weighed 140 pounds. Damn – wouldn’t it be nice to be back there?

Today, I’m at the beginning of yet another new fitness program, planning meals and workouts with the most sincere hope I’ll be taking inches off my waist. Oh yeah, and I’m 200 pounds… how did I step on the scale, decide to lose weight and wake up six years later, wait, 8 years, and 60 pounds heavier?

Well a lot happened in those eight years. A lot of excuses about what was possible when trying to lose weight and live a healthy life. But also a lot of really valuable living.

I finished a joint major and got in to a graduate program. Two of those years I spent researching incarceration and finding myself in that grad program before deciding to move foreword with other projects.

I married Ben.

I divorced Ben.

I developed a beautiful relationship with Tom.

We bought a house.

I’ve advanced my career.

The growth I have experienced in the last six years is far greater than the growth I see on the scale.

But there was comfort eating, a few extra meals out with friends, and a whole lot of snacks.

None the less, it’s time to rewrite these pounds. It’s time to begin a chapter where the weight actually does come off. That means figuring out how to make this time different.  Really, truly different.

So join me on this blog where, among other things, I will share my journey to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll see a few posts from previous attempts, as well.  We don’t all get it on the first try, do we? I’ve circled back to update this post and found some solace in it and some renewed motivation.  So I’ve added to it and it’s helped me to figure out where I need to go from here.

P.S. there’s an amazing community of people on this journey on instagram, follow my little corner of it at @fit.with.carmen

Drop a comment and tell me: How much does fitness play a role in your life? Are you on your own fitness or weight loss journey, or perhaps you are focusing on other areas of your life. I want to hear all about it.